Zen Cleaning Services

Customer Reviews

Will never go with any other cleaning service. The company is very professional, reliable, and quick. We requested a deep cleaning of our house and within a few days (our schedule request, not because they couldn’t get there faster) they were done and it looked spotless. Best cleaning service in town.

Rollie Mason

I have had them two times so far, and I am so impressed!!! They are so fast and efficient, and so eager to help me with extra projects. I couldn’t be happier with their service!!! I have tried several services in town and nobody is as good as Zen Cleaning. Period.

Katya Faris

Wow, just found my house sparkling clean from Zen cleaning services! Fantastic job, thank you so much! Having you come to my home was a birthday present to myself, thanks for spoiling me!

Deb Olinger

Zen Cleaning is the best thing we ever did for ourselves! We both work full time, and I wanted to spend my weekends playing with my children, not cleaning the house. I’ve had people clean my home before, but it never felt worth it. (I’m pretty particular when it comes to cleaning.) Zen does excellent work! When I walk into my home after it has been cleaned, it looks, smells, and feels truly wonderful!

Jill McLaughlin Hammersley

Zen Cleaning is a remarkable enterprise. I hired their service for a friend recovering from hip surgery, coming home in a week. The two gals from Zen Cleaning worked miracles and love what they do. When I returned to the apartment as they were finishing, they were both down on their hands and knees in the kitchen dealing with long neglected corners and baseboards. How good is that? My friend is very sensitive to scents and after Zen it smelled clean but not chemically. Perfect. 5 Stars for Zen Cleaning and their dedicated staff!

alexandra M Lynch