Zen Cleaning Services

Home is Where the Zen Is

“Home is Where the Zen Is” Cleanings include General Cleanings PLUS:

  • Dishes put away in Dishwasher and reloaded with another load and started if full.
  • Inside of the oven cleaned as requested (in advance), oven door window spot cleaned regularly 
  • Inside of Refrigerator cleaned as requested (in advance) and spot cleaned regularly 
  • Toy Pick up and laundry taken to laundry room 
  • Under cushions and under all furniture cleared of debris 
  • All towels in kitchen and baths taken to laundry room 
  • Counters cleaned and made to appear orderly 
  • Items less then 20 lbs moved and vacuumed behind Glass doors washed inside and out (weather permitting) 
  • Inside windows checked for smudges and cleaned
  • Window sills cleaned during warmer weather